Dear Friend:

We have a mandate from God to teach and preach the Word of God with simplicity and
understanding. In order to fulfill this mandate, we invite you to become a partner with our
ministry. Godís Word tells us that partnership in ministry is one of the most powerful relationships
on the face of the earth. According to Ephesians 4:16, we are each members of the body of Christ
and each member supplies to the overall working of the Body. It is a covenant relationship based
on the blood of Jesus. A covenant is between two or more parties. It is a relationship of the highest
honor and, as a result, it is a relationship of the highest commitment. When we become partners,
there will be a divine connection between us.

Our Part Your Part
Study, teach the Word of God and pray for you daily Pray for the ministry
Believe God for a 100-fold return on all of your giving Support us with monthly contributions
Minister to you through our monthly partnership letter Promote the mission and vision of Jack Taylor Ministries
Notify you of any upcoming events (i.e. conferences, seminars and workshops) Support Jack Taylor Ministries’ conferences, seminars and workshops

When you become a partner with our ministry, you will receive the same grace, favor, blessing, power and anointing that we receive. You will literally be a part of everything we do.

We trust that you will prayerfully consider becoming a partner with us. To get started on your exciting journey with Jack Taylor Ministries, either by sharing your time, talents and/or treasures, we can be contacted via e-mail at, 773.779.4665, or P.O. Box 439403, Chicago, IL 60643. We pray Godís supernatural blessings on and in your life. We believe God for His very best to manifest in your life!

Together WE can achieve more.